Friday, July 23, 2010

#251: Freaks

Directed by: TOD BROWNING
1932, TSPDT Rank #177

This early MGM horror film by Tod Browning was shocking and ahead of its time for most of the public in 1932, not surprising due to the very unusual subject matter of the movie. It deals with a band of "circus freaks" and how the beautiful trapeze artist of the circus came to be "one of them" herself. Much of the opening half of the movie actually involves a number of sub-plots involving some of the other freaks, but the main action revolves around the beautiful Cleopatra and her relationship with the little person Hans. He thinks their love is serious, while she treats it like a joke - until she discovers he has a large fortune. The film is worth watching for some of the legendary scenes in the final act, which culminate into an ending which is still very creepy today. Browning's more famous film Dracula may not have the same effect anymore, but I still feel that Freaks is a very valid movie today.

(Rating: 7/10)

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