Friday, July 23, 2010

#249: Zelig

Directed by: WOODY ALLEN
1983, TSPDT Rank #711

With Zelig, Allen seemed to have perfected his mockumentary style that he first used in his earlier film, Take the Money and Run. Zelig lacks the sheer comedic power of that film, but is overall more consistent and expertly modifies stock footage and old newsreels to create a real period feel. In some ways, this seems to be the predecessor to Forrest Gump, which also used special effects to insert the main character into historic events and be seen with important figures. But I think this was the best use of those effects, and a better movie; because it doesn't resort to sentimentality or take itself too seriously. It's a brief but enjoyable movie that says something about the importance of individuality, and has some pretty hilarious scenes. The highlights of these are the scenes that show Zelig being hypnotized by Dr. Fletcher, I couldn't stop laughing.

(Rating: 8/10)

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