Tuesday, July 20, 2010

#247: Young Frankenstein

Directed by: MEL BROOKS
1974, TSPDT Rank #575

I'll put this out there: I'm not a fan of Mel Brooks and I'm not a fan of this movie. I really don't find it that funny, and Brooks' style of humor generally leaves me cold. That being said, it's not the worst movie ever made and it has a few good scenes. Most of the acting is way over the top (and that shouldn't come as a surprise if you are familiar with the director), but the only character that really annoys me is Marty Feldman's Igor. I don't agree at all with the praise that's been heaped on him since the movie was released. Now I'm not real excited about this being my first new post in a few months, since it's pretty negative, but I honestly don't believe this movie deserves a spot on a list like this. If any fans read this, drop a comment and tell me what you think.

(Rating: 4/10)

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