Sunday, April 17, 2011

#323: Moonfleet

Directed by: FRITZ LANG
1955, TSPDT Rank #760

A rare Fritz Lang film, which I suppose nobody ever formally released on DVD because those who want to see it enough (like myself) will find it, and it would probably be seen by most people as a throwaway effort compared to other Lang films. But it is very enjoyable, and very well made; with great cinematography, pacing, and writing. The thing about Moonfleet is that it completely makes a case for the theory the French Cinema du Cahiers critics had around this time: if genre films with more or less recycled stories are made by master craftsman with the right amount of precision, they might turn into both a work of some artistic quality, and a great piece of entertainment. Many films of the past have been remembered because they fit that theory so well, but Moonfleet has slipped through the cracks, but not very surprisingly - since Fritz Lang is best known as the director of revolutionary crime films and grand fantasy spectacles, which Moonfleet has nothing in common with. But's it good to know that, by being on this list, Moonfleet still receives some recognition and admirers. Worth a watch if you get the chance.

(Rating: 7/10)

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