Thursday, February 11, 2016

#574: Mad Max 2

Directed by: GEORGE MILLER
1981, TSPDT Rank #515

This film clearly had a substantial budget increase compared to its more humble predecessor, but the increased funds were definitely not squandered here. Actually, Mad Max 2 is probably one of the more successful sequels out there, at least within the realm of well-known action/sci-fi franchises. The bigger budget is used to create more muscular, hard-hitting action sequences, which are framed by a more substantial narrative structure than the first film had - revolving around Max's interactions with a gasoline-hoarding desert tribe and the brutal gang they're at war with. The "dust and diesel" aesthetic is also cranked up to 11 and the action sequences are brimming with wild intensity - the manic and prolonged final chase sequence being the film's highlight. However, despite the film's many good points, some of the first film's mood of post-apocalyptic malaise is lost in the upgrade process, which causes this film to feel more like a different take on a similar concept, rather than a conventional sequel.

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