Friday, June 17, 2011

#340: Amelie

2001, TSPDT Rank #964

Amelie is a very good film. But does it belong in the 1,000 Greatest Films [of all time]? That's the big question to ask for the 21st century films on the list. You can debate over its quality all you want, but it's pretty low on the list, and as a representation of 21st century film (for there need to be some), it fits well. I think it's one of the most original romantic films to be made in the last decade. Not to say there haven't been weirder or more boundary-pushing films that could be lumped into the "romantic" genre, but I'm talking about the actual sweet, charming, witty, genuinely romantic films. Great characters, the plot works really well, Audrey Tautou is especially fantastic, and the romantic aspect is very satisfying. It's strange of course; not unsuitably weird, but refreshingly strange. There's not a whole lot else for me to say about it other than that it is a very good and enjoyable modern film, it's worth seeing, and there are definitely reasons why it's one of the most popular and well-liked foreign movies today. I'd strongly recommend it to those who are looking for a way to get into foreign films, and I think many others would enjoy it as well.

(Rating: 7/10)

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