Monday, May 30, 2011

#335: Duel

1971, TSPDT Rank #876

Some people find this movie to be great, but personally, I don't find it great - I find it rather silly. Frankly, I don't think it belongs on this list. But that's obviously not under my control. The film is significant for reducing the action mainly to a man in his car, and sustaining the action for a full 90-minute TV movie. Now I'm not saying it's terrible, but it doesn't show Spielberg as being great then or afterwards. It's not that Spielberg is terrible either, but the way he is hyped up is just wrong. The word 'Spielberg' is practically synonymous with 'great director/producer/etc.' these days. I think that if people think that, they haven't explored enough. Enough said. Now about the film, the buildup (of which almost all of the film is) is okay/fair, the ending is extremely anticlimactic. And that makes everything that came before it worse.

(Rating: 4/10)

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