Monday, April 5, 2010

#204: Frankenstein

Directed by: JAMES WHALE
1931, TSPDT Rank #401

A classic horror film, made at Universal Studios in 1931, the same year as Dracula. However, Frankenstein is a much superior film. It shows us a monster (played by Boris Karloff) who is struggling for a place in the world - confused by the anger of the people around him and unaware of the harm he causes. When you see him in the windmill scene at the end of the film, you realize that he is really like a defenseless child in the body of a monster. This is a really well executed film that examines the questions of life and death, and the consequences that might follow if life is put in the hands of humans. What the screenplay lacks is made up for with striking images and a heartbreaking performance by Karloff. Worth watching.

(Rating: 7/10)

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