Friday, January 22, 2010

#176: Eyes Wide Shut

1999, TSPDT Rank #769

Wow. Stanley Kubrick's last film is virtually perfect. Some words to describe: breathless, awe-inspiring, dreamlike, erotic, chilling, beautiful, truthful. It's not a film about sex, at least not completely. Mostly it's about the fact that we, as humans, desperately grasp around for something we don't have when things are actually better when we open our eyes. What's great about this film is the dreamlike way that it's filmed and the slow but calculated pace of the action, which eventually allow you to realize what's happening internally to these characters. In recent films it's really rare for the viewer to have to do work and be rewarded, instead of having everything spelled out for you to briefly take in and immediately forget. Clearly, Kubrick has something else in mind for his swan song to the world. And if you turn off the lights and allow yourself to be taken on Kubrick's final journey, you'll be amazed, captivated, and enlightened - just as I was. My hat's off to Stanley, now and forever - one of the greatest of all filmmakers.

(Rating: 10/10)

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