Wednesday, March 7, 2012

#420: Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

Directed by: KAREL REISZ
1960, TSPDT Rank #409

One of the early films of the British New Wave, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning definitely stood out to me as a quintessential film of the movement. Albert Finney perfectly embodies the "angry young man" character that you will see featured in most British New Wave films, giving a fantastic performance that just radiates with discontent and rebellion without a cause. I call it a quintessential British New Wave film because it has all the elements you might find in any given film from the movement - deterioration of society, generation gap, cynicism, sexual promiscuity, rebelling against social mores, etc. It's an energetic, gripping, edgy film, and gives you a great taste of working-class British society in the early 1960s. I highly recommend it to any discerning film buff. But don't take my word for it - it has Robert Osborne's endorsement as being a "dandy film"!

(Rating: 9/10)

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