Sunday, May 29, 2011

#333: All the President's Men

Directed by: ALAN J. PAKULA
1976, TSPDT Rank #529

This film has the brilliantly unique quality of being based on important historical events, made while those events were still greatly in the public consciousness, and with top-notch actors and filmmakers. This film is truly great - thrilling, exciting, fresh, and spell-binding. Shows a number of actors (Robert Redford, Dustin Hoffman, Jason Robards) in their prime, giving performances that are some of the best of their respective careers. I am ashamed to say that I never realized how good of an actor Hoffman was until recently. He really did a lot of great work. This isn't a perfect film, and it ends too abruptly, but it's an excellent film of its time, and I highly recommend it.

(Rating: 9/10)

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