Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Rules of the Game

Directed by: JEAN RENOIR
1939, TSPDT Rank #3

This movie was butchered and panned by everyone when it came out - one man took his newspaper, lit it, and tried to burn down the theater where this movie was showing. Now its one of the most acclaimed movies ever. This is because, quite simply, this movie was an attack on the French society of the time; it was funny, and that was because it hit the nail right on the head with all of its characters. Its an enjoyable movie to watch, and the fact that it was finally restored and rediscovered in the 1950s is definitely a good thing. For a movie that is too close a reflection of its current time, its value increases a lot once the people who watch it can be detached from that time and view it on its own merits. This is a very well-made, well-written, complex work of film, I won't say its the greatest, but its definitely a landmark in the history of movies.

(Rating: 8/10)

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