Thursday, January 21, 2010

#174: Crimes and Misdemeanors

Directed by: WOODY ALLEN
1988, TSPDT Rank #244

A surprisingly great film, a very mature and fully realized film from Allen. With Crimes and Misdemeanors it becomes clear that Allen has stepped away from his silly slapstick humor of the '70s and gotten into more important matters such as ... life, love, responsibility, guilt, death. You know, things like that. I think in a way this film is better than my personal Allen favorite, Annie Hall, because of it's astounding way of having you feel deep despair in a scene of harrowing drama, and right into laughing heartily in a scene of hilarious comedy. What's great about this is that life itself also hosts both feelings (and many in between) which makes it, and this film, all the more interesting. For those who say Woody's not a really filmmaker, just a good writer, check out this movie.

(Rating: 10/10)

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